Why you should chose the Sea Ranch Resort as your OBX Wedding Venue

A Full-Service Venue vs. Event Home

OBX weddings offer a wide variety of venues for you to choose from and those choices are increasing almost daily with the additions of larger, ‘event homes’ throughout the beach.
These usually extravagant homes are equipped with every amenity that might draw you in, except the convenience of working with a ‘one-stop shop’ experience. Of course, there may be room for tables and chairs, food tables, bar, dancefloor, dj, etc….but don’t forget, YOU have to arrange for all those rentals! Then, what are your plans for inclement weather? Even if you arrange a tent rental, are you going to be able to move so much equipment inside and still allow for the same flow of your guests during the hours of your reception? Your caterer may provide staffing for their portion of the reception, but ultimately, who cleans up? Probably you…your mother, your bridal party.

And of course, there’s always the plus of having accommodations to offer some of your closest family and friends…..and, maybe you’ve considered the possibility of offsetting some of the costs by having your guests pitch in to help. Sometimes, that may be easy, but other times, it can be almost uncomfortable to divvy up the total rental charges and approach your friends. There’s no question that you could might have a wonderful time with the closest family…but will hosting so many (up to 12+ bedrooms) end up being a drain on you…your mom….etc.

The pros for the large houses as an OBX Wedding Venue can seem very attractive; but make sure you weigh the cons! You have to handle all the sleeping arrangements, take care of all rentals for the reception, handle all the little items with decoration, clean up, keep a very close eye on timeline of vendors, making sure everyone arrives as scheduled, and scurrying around if there are last minute changes, or worse yet, bad weather. And, when you compare total costs, you may be surprised that hosting the event at a rental house may end up being more costly.

The Sea Ranch Resort can take so much of the burden off YOUR shoulders and streamline the entire planning process. Less stress equals less worry equals less time dedicated to facilitating your event….all of this equals more time for you and your family to enjoy the wedding and reception. You don’t want to miss every minute of the most important day of your life because of all the responsibilities you have to attend to. Untangle yourself from all the details, leave them to us….and have time to really enjoy your event! Trust us, you will love our OBX Wedding Venue. It was made for you.


The Sea Ranch Resort is an OBX Wedding Venue located in Kill Devil Hills, NC. We offer beach weddings and a full service facility with oceanfront accommodations. Guests love our ocean view condo suites that are perfect for groups and families. We have been hosting weddings and honeymoons for decades and are proud of our loyal customer base. We offer a classic Outer Banks Hotel experience that will be sure to impress your guests at your wedding.