What type of ceremony do you want to have to make your new marriage official? Perhaps you want to tie the knot on the Outer Banks beach in front of the ocean, or maybe you’d like to exchange your vows in a church. Read on to learn about a few ceremony rituals we have seen at The Sea Ranch ceremonies! 

The Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is a type of unity ceremony and a lovely addition to your beach ceremony! It can be customized to be as wonderful and unique as the couple. You may choose to include children or family members in the blending of the sands with multiple colors. The two separate vases of sand symbolize your separate lives before each other. Once the sand is blended together, it can never be separated, just as your love for each other. The special and unique sand design created displays the couple’s future together.

Amanda and Drew, married at The Sea Ranch in 2017, chose to implement a sand ceremony in their wedding (pictured below). 

Photo courtesy of ALC Photography 


Seashell Ceremony

At the conclusion of the beach ceremony the wedding couple along with their wedding guests and wedding party gather down at the water’s edge. Each taking a seashell and as they toss the shells into the ocean, they make a silent wish and prayer for the new couple. The Outer Banks has plenty of shells for this ceremony, but you’ll want to gather them in advance just to make sure you have enough for your guests!

Outer Banks Sea Shell Outer Banks Ceremony

Tie the KNOT

This is an old Irish Tradition where the wedding couple ties a fisherman’s knot with a ribbon to symbolize the bond that rather then break becomes stronger under pressure.

This ritual is nautical and “ties” in perfectly with Outer Banks beach weddings. 

Ceremony rituals and wedding traditions vary state to state, country to country. The Outer Banks sees brides and grooms from all over, and we love learning about the wedding traditions they bring to the OBX. What traditions will you bring to the Outer Banks with your Sea Ranch wedding? 

Wedding Photos courtesy of ALC Photography 

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