If you’ve seen Pirates of the Carribean, you know that pirates loved their rum. However, they didn’t only exist in the Carribean. According to the Outer Banks pirate museum, the notorious Blackbeard actually lived right here in North Carolina, ending his life at the southern tip of the Outer Banks on Ocracoke. And there’s a long history of rum here, too. One of the best North Carolina distilleries, Outer Banks Distilling, is just a short drive from the Sea Ranch Resort, so you can spout quotes from your favorite pirate blockbuster, sip some locally-made beverages, and lounge by the beach all in a day.

Best North Carolina Distilleries

According to legend, Kill Devil Hills was named after an old brand of rum that was strong enough to kill the devil. So, if you’re interested in a good ole fashioned distillery tour and tasting, our town is the place to be. Just a short drive from the Sea Ranch Resort, in our neighboring town Manteo, is Outer Banks Distilling—one of the best North Carolina distilleries. It’s owned by four friends, three of whom live in Kill Devil Hills, and is located in a historic building. Full of tasty rum and a fun atmosphere, it’s an Outer Banks company through-and-through!

Every afternoon between Tuesday and Saturday, Outer Banks Distilling holds rum distillery tours for visitors over the age of 21. On the tour, you’ll learn all about how they make their delicious Kill Devil Hills rum. Then, you can return to the nautical-themed tasting room to sip some liquid gold beneath antique maps and an authentic ship wheel. It’s the best rum tasting you’ll find!

What You’ll Find at the Rum Tasting

Their flagship rums are available year-round, including silver, pecan, and gold. They also brew several limited-edition small batches, such as their shipwreck series, which has a new OBX shipwreck-themed addition each year. If you like spiced rum, this rum distillery also has a Solspice series, which is spiced to match the season. 

Their final special series is the Angels’ Share. Outer Banks Distilling donates the proceeds from their Angels’ Share sales to local causes. The variety in flavor and wealth of personality is what makes it one of the best North Carolina distilleries.

Staying on the BeachBeach near Outer Banks Distilling and Sea Ranch

After your adventure in Manteo, head back to Kill Devil Hills for a beachside stay. With delicious food, comfortable rooms, and ocean access, you’ll never feel more connected to the sea. Call 252-441-7126 to book your stay today!