Take advantage of this unique opportunity to bond with your family with activities you may not normally have time to do. Do you need some ideas for being stuck indoors with your favorite kids? Read on for some quarantine activities for kids unique to the Outer Banks as well as indoor activities that you can put into action with items you (most likely) already have in your home! 

Stay Active!

3 – Legged Races

Tie your legs together and see who can make it to the finish line first! This one is especially fun when kids get to see their parents or guardians join in on the fun. 

Talent Show

Give your family members a time frame to think of a talent and gather their props and practice. Gather together at a predetermined time and surprise each other with your secret talents! Be sure to grab your video camera (or smartphone) to record these memories for the future.

Obstacle Course

Set up a fun obstacle course in your yard with household objects! You can also turn this into a game of “hot lava,” where you have to hop from item to item (make sure they are stable!) without touching the ground, also known as the “lava.” 

Superhero Workouts

Kids might not always be interested in a workout, but tell them they can dress up as their favorite superhero and a quick Google search will result in tons of kid-friendly superhero workouts that are fun for the whole family. 

Things to do with your kids at home

Art Projects

Pet Rocks

Now might not be the best time to add a furry friend to the family, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t have a new pet. Go into your backyard and search for rocks. Take them inside, wash them off and paint them to create a pet rock. Have your children give them names and personalities!

Aspiring Jewelry Designers

Gather up your pasta and string and make fun necklaces and bracelets!

Geometric Chalk Project

Take your masking tape and create a large square or rectangle on your driveway. Criss-cross the tape back and forth in different directions within the outline creating many smaller triangles. Color in the triangles with chalk, then remove the tape to reveal a beautiful masterpiece! Click here to see inspiration.


Grab some paper and try out one of these 20 origami projects for kids!

Outdoor Activities on the Outer Banks

Of course keep mindful of staying 6′ away if you happen to see anyone else out!

Take a Hike!

Grab the family and take a hike in Nags Head woods. Add a level of adventure by creating a fictional narrative for your kids that you’re on a special mission, or challenge them to find five different types of bugs on the walk.

Jockey’s Ridge

Enjoy the natural Outer Banks beauty of the East Coast’s largest sand dune. Take a kite with you or a sled to race your family members down the dunes.

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