With views of the Atlantic up the coast and plenty of sun to soak in, there’s nothing like an Atlantic beach vacation, and the Outer Banks is the perfect beach spot to visit. Located in the beautiful Kill Devil Hills, NC, the Sea Ranch Resort will provide you with everything you need to enjoy relaxing on the beach. With your choice of a main building guest room, oceanfront guest room, or Sea Ranch condo, there is the perfect accommodation for every type of traveler at the Sea Ranch Resort. 

But with all the sand, sun, and surf in the Outer Banks, how could you ever decide which beach to settle down on for the day? While there are plenty to choose from, there are some that stand out above the rest, and with everything the North Carolina shoreline has to offer, you’re sure to find the perfect Outer Banks beach for your day in the sun.

Kill Devil Hills

Since it’s closest to the Sea Ranch Resort, it’s worth noting that Kill Devil Hills is also one of the most popular Outer Banks beaches. This beach has gained popularity with locals and travelers alike for many reasons, one of which is its proximity to the town, making it incredibly accessible for you to stop and grab anything you might’ve forgotten before heading out to this beautiful Outer Banks beach. Kill Devil Hills is also known for its surfing, skimboarding, and other water sports, so if you’re a fan of huge waves, Kill Devil Hills is definitely the Outer Banks beach for you.

Nags Head

Easily a crowd favorite, Nags Head is a beach you absolutely shouldn’t miss on your next trip to the Outer Banks. Nags Head is a beach known famously for its almost always perfect weather and vast, beautiful shoreline that stretches on for miles. This Outer Banks beach is naturally gorgeous and features tons of nearby tourist attractions and activities to partake in during your visit.


Definitely, one of the most unique Outer Banks beaches, Carova is known for its wild horses. While it’s necessary to stay at least 50 feet away from the horses, they’ll be close enough to you while you explore this beautiful northern beach for you to snap the perfect picture. The horses tend to flock to this beach to escape the heat by taking a dip in the ocean. Although this beach is definitely harder to access than some of the other popular Outer Banks beaches, Carova is a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Best Outer Banks Beaches near Sea Ranch Resort

A trip to the Outer Banks will give you a beachside experience, unlike anything else. Staying at the Sea Ranch Resort will not only put you central to one of the most popular Outer Banks beaches, but it will provide you with exactly the accommodation you need to feel right at home, even when you’re on vacation. From tourist-friendly seaside spots to a secluded beach where you can have dinner with wild horses, none of the Outer Banks beaches will disappoint, no matter where you choose to spend your sunny days.