If you’re looking for things to do near Kill Devil Hills, embark on an Outer Banks history deep dive. The story of the Lost Colony initially takes place on Roanoke Island, only 13 miles from the Sea Ranch Resort. The tale of the Lost Colony is so entrenched in the community that the Roanoke Island Historical Association produces a large-scale play about these early settlers every year.

Get a Glimpse of Colonized Outer Banks History

While most people are probably more than familiar with Jamestown’s colonization in the early 17th century, few people know about the Lost Colony that initially attempted to settle on Roanoke Island in 1578. Among these 120 settlers was Virginia Dare, the first English baby born in North America. Over time, their leader, John White, decided to go back to England to replenish their dwindling food and supplies. 

However, his journey took longer than expected due to England’s conflict with Spain. When White eventually returned to Roanoke Island in 1590, there was no trace of the former 120 or so colonizers. The only clue he found was the word “Croatoan” carved into the side of a tree. Suspecting that the settlers may have relocated to the Hatteras Islands to live amid the Croatan Native American tribe, White scoured the coastline, searching for his family. Despite White’s best efforts, he was never able to reconnect with his kin. Some speculate that the settlers may have died from infectious diseases or that they were killed by Native Americans who fought against colonization.

The Lost Colony: A Play near Our Outer Banks Hotel

A tale that has it all—hope, anticipation, mystery, love, and loss—the Lost Colony has been made into a play and has been performed by local artists for nearly a century. The Roanoke Island residents commissioned a playwright to pen the play in 1937 to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Virginia Dare’s birth. The Lost Colony represents a considerable part of Outer Banks history. Community members and tourists alike fill the seats of the Waterside Theatre near our beachfront hotel in North Carolina to watch this traditional production unfold. 

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