Sea Ranch Resort is a comfortable Outer Banks hotel that features an oceanfront restaurant, beachside accommodations, and access to a variety of local activities. One of the most extraordinary attractions near our beachside hotel is the renowned Outer Banks wild horses. The best way to view these majestic creatures is to book a tour with a local guide. Luckily for you, there are a few wild horse tours in the Outer Banks from which to choose. 

Reasons to Book a Wild Horse Outer Banks Tour

Some people may assume that if you’ve seen one horse, you’ve seen them all. That’s not entirely true as the Spanish Mustangs that roam the shores near Corolla are unique animals. Feral horses aren’t too common in the United States, so these animals live a different life on the Outer Banks. They have a different diet and tend to be smaller than the average horse you’d see on a farm or at the fair, so people often mistake them for ponies. Local guides know exactly where to go for the best sightings, and they often share tidbits of information about the wild horses. Plus, the serene coastline offers a pleasant scenic experience.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Amid the variety of wild horse tours, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund is one of the best. They’ve made it their mission to “protect, conserve, and responsibly manage” the herd of wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs that roam the Outer Banks, North Carolina. The money you spend there goes directly into their conservation efforts. Plus, you’ll have to a first-hand view of how they rehabilitate wild horses, learn about their fascinating history, and observe these equine beauties in their natural habitat.

Corolla Wild Horse Tours

Your family will love the guides at Corolla Wild Horse Tours. Their family-oriented tours will keep everyone in your group entertained for the duration of the ride. Traverse 25 miles of Outer Banks off-roading where you’ll learn the history of the terrain while enjoying the scenic dunes and small, wild horse gatherings.  

Wild Horse Adventure Tours

Get some fantastic views of the Spanish Mustangs that roam the shores of the Outer Banks near Corolla at Wild Horse Adventure Tours. Cruise along the coastline in an open-air Hummer in search of these majestic, equine animals. Their experienced guides know all the best places to see wild horses and will answer all your burning, wild horse-related questions.

Experience the Best of the Outer Banks at Sea Ranch

Corolla wild horses are integral to an authentic Outer Banks experience. You’re bound to learn fascinating facts about Spanish Mustangs, see some marvelous sights, and bond with your loved ones over this incredible shared experience. Once you’re back at the Sea Ranch Resort, you can enjoy some beachside fun or wind down at your cozy, beachside condo. Please give us a call at 252-441-7126 to learn more about our specials or to make a reservation.