Sea Ranch Resort Canine Policy

A Non-Refundable Pet Fee of $40.00 per night/$20.00 per night for the second pet applies. As part of our dedication to provide the highest level of service to all our guests, Sea Ranch Resort welcomes you and your dog. To ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests and staff, please adhere to the following pet policies. If you have any questions, please contact the front desk. **While your dog is in your room, please place a pet door hanger on the door.**
pawprintlogo2Additional fees may apply if special cleaning or repairs are required.
**Proper medical certification specifying all vaccinations are up to date must be available upon request.** Dogs are to be attended at all times, and not left alone in guest rooms.** Dogs are required to have provided tag on collar at all times. **Dogs must be on controllable leash or in a carrier at all times when the pet is outside your guest room. **Please keep your dog in designated areas. Pets are not permitted in property restaurant, pool area, and fitness center. **Remove and dispose of any trash or waste associated with your dog in and around resort premises.** Dog owners are requested to remove their pet from guest room during housekeeping or other required services. Should a pet be present, pet owners must be present and, the pet caged or restrained. **Dog owners will promptly address any pet complaints from fellow guests or staff. In the event you are unable to satisfy the request, you may be asked to leave the property and could be financially responsible for any and all costs associated with appeasing the disturbance. **Dog owners accept full responsibility for any injury or damage caused or alleged to be caused by your pet and incurred or alleged to be incurred by any guest, employee, or invitee of the resort. Pet owners agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the resort from and against any and all alleged or actual losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and court cost) suffered by the resort or asserted by any other resort guest, invitee, employee or person arising out of or in connection with your dog’s stay at the resort.